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Kidney Donor Assessment

(Lynette Adkins)


From my heart to yours and

on behalf of my family, I thank you,

bless you and hold you up

in my prayers for your

kindness and humanity.

- Lynette


This process is strictly confidential.

By law, I do not have access

or receive any information

regarding the donor’s

medical history or test results.

I only know what the potential

donor chooses to tell me.  


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1.  Visit

  • In the search box type: Living Kidney Donation



2. Visit

  • Click: Living Kidney Donor









3. Click Mayo Clinic of Arizona


4. Complete the confidential Kidney Transplant Donation Questionnaire and enter my name as the recipient: Lynette Adkins


dney Donation









If you meet the living donor criteria, you will be contacted by either the Mayo Clinic or the University of Michigan Kidney Transplant Center.

* * *


BY THE WAY...the kidney donation process provides an opportunity to receive the most thorough medical assessment of your life. Everything will be tested from head to toe to protect your health. 


Of course, all expenses and fees are covered by my medical insurance carrier. While it’s a felony to buy or sell organs in the US, we’re able to pay for travel, housing, and to reimburse other expenses.


May God be with you and bless you abundantly.


Love & Thanks,


Kedrick and Lynette



If you have questions about the process,

please contact my Husband, Kedrick and/or

Kim Moore, as they have completed the

donor process and can answer

any questions you may have.


Kedrick Adkins 313-405-1285

Kim Moore 725-229-3659